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7 Best Website Builder Alternatives to Wordpress Thumbnail

7 Best Website Builder Alternatives to Wordpress

Fed up battling with Wordpress and wondering what else is out there to make your life easier? Then this is the guide for you.

Below I share the seven most frequently recommended website builder platforms that can get you up and running quickly and easily without having to fight with Wordpress.

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Comparison of the best products to create online courses Thumbnail

Comparison of the best products to create online courses

One of the questions I see asked all the time is about the best platforms and tools to create and sell online courses. And the answers vary wildly, with dozens of different solutions suggested. It made me super confused, and if I'm confused, I'm sure others are too.

I've therefore researched the products that most often get recommended and separated them into different categories, so you can better understand which solution might be the right one for you.

Use this guide to compare all the most often recommended platforms and tools to help you create and sell online courses and memberships.

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The best ways to learn Facebook ads Thumbnail

The best ways to learn Facebook ads

Now might just be a great time to implement a new Facebook advertising strategy in your online business. With a global focus on physical distancing, and many traditional Facebook advertisers struggling to stay in business, not only is Facebook (and Instagram) usage up, but ad costs have decreased massively.

So, if you're thinking about jumping in and taking action on Facebook ads, then what's the best way of going about it?

Well, that all depends on how much time and money you have to invest in learning and implementing the technical know-how and strategies behind successful ads.

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Guide to online appointment scheduling tools Thumbnail

Guide to online appointment scheduling tools

Ever wondered which is the best free online appointment scheduling software, or the best calendar scheduling tool to use in your online businesses?

It feels like the vast majority of online business owners choose either Acuity Scheduling or Calendly, but I've done some digging around to find out what other options come recommended.

And I've dived in to find out more about what they cost, and what they do or don't include in their various price plans.

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Building new habits to cope in times of uncertainty Thumbnail

Building new habits to cope in times of uncertainty

Everything that's been happening this week has made me think about how we build new habits, and where we get support from in our lives.

On Angel Rated, there are a variety of products listed that have been recommended to help with accountability and daily habit tracking. If you need something to keep you motivated while you get used to a new routine, then head to Angel Rated to learn more.

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