It’s early 2017, and my husband and I have taken some time out and are travelling around New Zealand. At that point, I’d had my own consulting business for over eight years and had spent the previous four years trying to build an online business.

What happened next can only be described as a divine download. And that’s not something I say lightly (or frankly could have ever imagined myself saying!).

While we’d been away, I’d been thinking a lot about a number of issues with creating an online business that struck me as either a waste of time and money, or that were downright unfair and wrong.

Firstly, all I ever seemed to see in the feeds of online business Facebook groups were people asking for recommendations. Can anyone tell me which is the best social media scheduling tool, the simplest email management system, the cheapest Facebook ads guru, the easiest website design course, etc, etc?

Lovely people shared info about what tool, course or person they had used and gave their opinions on its various pros and cons (often repeating the same advice over and over again on different, but very similar, posts). Some posted affiliate links promoting a specific product that could earn them money. Others suggested their own offerings or services, or were tagged by loyal friends or clients.

It was all very hit and miss, and really just depended on who had seen the original post. Rarely did the discussion result in a complete list of options, or provide any information on whether the suggestions made were a great fit for the original poster’s situation.

Linked to this, it often felt like only the biggest names were getting mentioned, when there were dozens of other options available that may have been higher quality, or better suited to the potential client.

Secondly, there were constant rumours flying around my corner of the internet about various online business coaches who were charging a small fortune and then not delivering what they had promised. Any client who dared to complain would get bad mouthed (or blocked entirely) and told that they hadn’t done the work, or had manifested poor results.

It was often hard to know who or what to believe, especially if you were only hearing from a vocal minority.

And day in, day out, I was using review sites to check out where we should be eating that evening, where we should be staying the following night, which tour operators had the best reputation, what activities we should do in each town, etc…

Then one night, it came to me. Why wasn’t there a user review site focused on the products most frequently used, or created, by online business owners? Where was the Trip Advisor or Yelp equivalent for online business and personal development products?

This was exactly what I had wanted when I was starting out – a single, trustworthy site to get independent information and reviews on all the products, all in one place.

And having now talked to many other people about it, I know that it is exactly what they (and hopefully you!) are looking for too. Does this sound like what you want?

Or as a business owner, wouldn’t it be great to get your products seen so that your business can flourish? My hope is that by using Angel Rated, you get to save time and money on marketing, with warm leads delivered directly to your website, and independent reviews available for you to use in your marketing materials.

But it wasn’t just the idea that hit me. It was the entire solution. I could immediately picture the databases, how it would all work, what it would look like, the support it could offer, the potential to provide a valuable service to both the community and to the business owners themselves.

So, I got to work. It took a couple of years due to various distractions along the way, but it has refused to let go of me! I have finally found the thing that utilises all my skills and strengths, that makes me jump out of bed in the morning, that is the gift I want to leave to the world. I am so excited to finally get it launched and to build it into the essential tool I know it can be.

Oh, and if you’re interested in where the name came from… it fits with my name (I am often called Angel rather than Angela!) and with the name of my travel blog. But far more importantly, it describes the amazing community of angels who contribute to this site, and share their experiences, in order to guide and support the personal and business growth of others.

Angel Rated Overview

Angel Rated
Angel Rated
By Angela Bryant
Angel Rated
By Angela Bryant

Angel Rated is a user review site focused on the products most frequently used, or created, by online business owners.

Users can search for products by name, or by the topic or type of product they are interested in. They are provided with clear information about the product(s), along with independent reviews written by members of the community. If they are interested in learning more, or making a purchase, they can go directly to the product website.

Reviewers are encouraged to share their experiences and provide feedback on the products they’ve used, and businesses are given the opportunity to add new products, and to respond to and download reviews.

Format: Community Support, Written Support.

Angel Rated is aimed at online business owners and their clients. Its ideal user is interested in finding the perfect products that will enable their continued business or personal development. Those that write reviews are happy to share their knowledge for the benefit of others in the community, ensuring that the best products shine. Business owners strive to improve, and understand the value of honest feedback, testimonials and warm leads for their products.

Experience Level: All.
Learning Style: Social, Solitary, Seeing, Reading, Logic, Intuition.
Prerequisites: None.
Language: English initially, with further languages planned in the future.

Angel Rated is free to use for those searching for the perfect product, for reviewers and for businesses. If a business offers an affiliate scheme for their products, then this will be taken up where appropriate, but will never influence search results and will always be clearly marked. These affiliate payments will enable the further development of Angel Rated and its commitment to raising money for a range of charities chosen by its users.

Price Range: Free
Offers: All available product offers, discounts or bonuses will be shared with users of the site.
Guarantees: All reviewers and businesses will be asked to sign up to the Angel Rated Code of Conduct. Safeguards are in place to ensure that product information is accurate and up to date, and that all reviews are appropriate.
Starts: Launched November 2019. Evergreen / always available. Ends: Lifetime access to all functionality as long as you have an account. Length: Reviews can be written in less than a minute with just a couple of clicks and a sentence or two.
Location: Online. Provider Location: UK.


If you’ve got to the bottom of the page, you might want to learn a bit more about me. So, here’s a quick summary of what makes me tick…

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