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Money Bootcamp
Money Bootcamp
By Denise Duffield-Thomas
Overall Rating
5.0/5(2 reviews)
2.3/5(1 review)
2.3/5(1 review)
2.0/5(1 review)
2.0/5(1 review)
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Money Bootcamp
By Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money Bootcamp provides everything you need to transform your money mindset, so you can dramatically increase your income and finally have the business (and lifestyle) you deserve. 

The 6 modules are:

  1. Get free and clear with money and ready for abundance 
  2. Develop your lucky bee millionaire mindset
  3. Get crystal clear on your money plan
  4. Big ripples & big results
  5. Troubleshooting and dealing with other people's crap
  6. Integration and celebration

The training is highly practical and contains motivating videos for each module with MP3s and PDFs of all the content. The coaching uses clear step-by-step exercises and worksheets to implement everything learnt in training with live group calls with Denise every month on themed coaching topics. 

The course also offers a group filled with big-hearted, supportive entrepreneurs to help you on your journey currently with over 7,000 members. You will be able to access a private community to ask questions and gain ongoing support.

Format: Video training / coaching, Written training / coaching, Group training / coaching, Community support

If making money feels hard, but you know deep down you really want more abundance and ease in your life, then Money Bootcamp is totally for you.

Inspiring heart-centred entrepreneurs.

One payment of $1,997, or 6 monthly payments of $397.

Bonuses include an advanced pricing course, 6 guided visualizations, money meditations audio, webinar, ebook and event recordings library.

Price Range: $$$$
Guarantees: 14-day money back guarantee.
Starts: Evergreen Ends: Lifetime access Number of Modules: 6 modules
Location: Online Provider Location: Australia
If you are the legal owner of this product, then please claim this business. If you have any concerns about the accuracy or authenticity of this listing, then please contact us to provide updated information on this product or to report an issue with this product or business. Show less...

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Radio Production & Technology consultant United Kingdom
Purchased: 2+ years ago
A must-do for women in business!
Pros: If you are going to save up to do any course, then I can absolutely recommend Denise's Money Bootcamp. If you like the style of her books and social media, you'll love this.

The community is amazing - Denise has created a really trusting space, and I love the way that there are practical exercises - it's not hippy dippy stuff, but a deep reworking and understanding of all the blocks you face to receiving more money and income in your business. You can also apply the tools to other areas of your life.

This is a course you will come back to again and again - for example, there is a 10-day challenge in the bonus section which I used to launch my first course last year.

The community will also hold space for you and Denise has monthly group calls, adjusted for different timezones. Denise is really approachable and down-to-earth and I've followed her for many years, so it's been amazing to watch her business grow over that time and I really appreciate the honesty she has in sharing what things trip her up each time she builds to the next level. It really makes you feel like it's not out of reach for any 'normal' person, too.
Cons: It's brilliant! I was lucky to join at an earlier stage in its evolution, so the prices has gone up since then. Still one of the best things I have ever bought, though.
Ideal Customer: Although this course could be useful for anybody, it's probably best if you are happy being in a women-centred space and run your own business, as many of the blocks and issues dealt with relate to the specific issues that come up from 'putting yourself out there' and getting sales.
Additional Comments: This course has completely changed the way I think about money and running a business. I doesn't cover practical business skills, but it does stop you self-sabotaging from getting your next offer out there. The community is amazing and Denise is definitely someone who is doing the work - she's inclusive, uses her privilege for good, is an intersectional feminist and is very clear that Trump supporters need not apply!
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