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Where's the best place to buy online business tools

Where's the best place to buy online business toolsHave you ever thought about where you buy your online business tools and what happens to any affiliate payments that are made?

If not, read on...

Angel Rated is working to build a better world of online business and a better world! Everything on this site is currently provided free of charge, so choosing to buy tools, platforms and courses via Angel Rated is a great way to support us, while also ensuring that any affiliate payments are put to good use.


Here's why it's so important...

This time last year, Angel Rated gave away all of its 2020 affiliate income to the UK-based FORCE cancer charity nominated by a member of its community.

I've just done this year's draw to make a donation from our 2021 income and the charity that I pulled out of the bag is called Kopernik. They describe themselves as an R&D lab that 'conducts lean experiments to find out what works and what doesn't to address social and environmental challenges'.

One of the projects that the winning community member would like Angel Rated to support is focused on developing ergonomic weaving tools for women weavers in Adonara and Lembata to increase comfort, reduce pain and improve weaving efficiency and productivity.

Unfortunately, as I was sharing some of the different charities that had been suggested, I realised that I had no idea where Adonara or Lembata were. Oops - I should have done a bit more research before I started filming!

Anyway, it turns out they are both islands in Indonesia.

The last time I was in Indonesia was in August 1997. Coincidentally just over 24 years ago, when I was just 24. [Which means that I must be 48 - that can't be right!!]

I was working as a graduate analyst for an airline and was sent to Bali for a work conference. [I know, how lucky was I?!!]

I have three very distinct memories of that trip:

1. Diana, Princess of Wales died in a car crash in Paris while I was there. All the other conference attendees kept coming to check that us Brits were ok, as if we knew her personally. All very strange.

2. I got terribly sunburnt sitting in the pool. I had no idea how strong the sun was and ended up spending a couple of days stuck indoors having cold baths to reduce the heat/pain. I was too worried to go to the local doctor for burn cream in case I couldn't afford it. [Yes, I was young and naive.]

3. We were taken white water rafting. This is the only photo I have of me from the whole trip (second on the left!) which is probably why I remember it so vividly. Just imagine how many photos I would have if I went today!

White water rafting in Bali

Indonesia is definitely on my list of places to visit when we eventually start travelling again, so I look forward to learning more about the women weavers of the Solor Archipelago.

What has all this to do with Angel Rated?!

I guess it's just a fantastic reminder that being part of an online community like Angel Rated has a far reaching impact. Not only are we changing the face of online business by providing independent reviews that help you make informed decisions about where to invest your time and money, but we're also doing good in the world.

Do consider going via Angel Rated whenever you purchase something for your business, especially a tool or a platform. Any affiliate payments we receive will never influence how Angel Rated is run, but they will allow us to support more amazing projects in the future (and to continue to grow Angel Rated).

And if you want a chunk of our income to go to a charity of your choice next year, then go and write a review of your favourite course, coach or tool right now. If they're not yet listed, just drop me a message so we can get them added.        

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